Andrea Levine

Levine, Andrea 1725610Title: Special Education

Company: Baltimore County Public Schools

Location: Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD, June 4, 2014, Andrea R. Levine, Special Education Teacher at Baltimore County Public Schools, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in special education.

As a teacher with a learning disability, she wanted to prove that you can achieve anything, even with a disability. Ms. Levine decided to focus on special education and has been refining her skills in the field for the past 19 years. An expert in autism studies, Ms. Levine joined the Baltimore County Public Schools five years ago. She draws on her past experience and knowledge to work with children with special needs. Ms. Levine drives from site to site to give special needs children individual educational attention, with each session being an hour long per child. She also updates reports for the parents and her office, tests children at the assessment center for the district, and compiles the students’ progress.

Ms. Levine attributes her success to her determination to prove that a learning disability does not have to hold you back. She would like to initiate and write grants in order to further her development and ability to provide students with high quality services. Ms. Levine recently began doctoral studies and hopes to graduate in about three years with an Ed.D.

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Andrea Levine

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