Rod Jennings

Rod Jennings 1744887Title: Retired Teacher

Company: Home Sweet Home

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

A trained vocalist and soloist at an early age with a natural flair for the arts, Mr. Jennings commanded lead acting and singing roles throughout high school in Bluffton, Ohio and in college at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He credits his high school choral director, Earl Lehman, for inspiring him to pursue a career in music and drama. Without any real formal art training except in a scenic design school in New York City, Mr. Jennings designed the costumes, lighting and sets for the musical and dramatic plays that he produced and directed. Before retiring, he served as a teacher for Home Sweet Home, a dinner theater that offers a wide range of services in the arts. In his role, he was responsible for play writing and directing local dinner theater productions, following contemporary art trends of local, national, and international artists of prominence, and working as a chorus teacher and in the theater department. Mr. Jennings also had a lucrative career as a producer, composing shows and pop music. Although he not keep up his musical dreams due to the funding needed for studio time, hiring musicians, etc., the experience broadened his knowledge and expertise of the fine arts, which he utilized to his students’ full advantage. Mr. Jennings is well-respected by other industry professionals for his ability to use and relate elements of art, music, and drama in all his works, whether it be directing a play, or a choral performance. Today, he is still using those learned lessons, skills, and life experiences in his continuing direction of dinner theater productions. Mr. Jennings is also still active in arts activities at age 79, composing church music, playwriting, and directing dinner theater productions at Union Congregational Church in West Palm Beach, FL. He takes great pride in his work and in training amateur actors on the complexities and ramifications of putting on a successful show/play.

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Rod Jennings

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