Dr. Beverly Busch

logo.jpgTitle: Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Company: Pillar College

Location: Newark, NJ

Influenced by her family, Dr. Beverly G. Busch pursued a career in the education field more than four decades ago. Dr. Busch has refined her skills in the industry over the years and has garnered a reputation for her creative nature and knowledge of literary theory criticisms and the cultural context of literature. She draws on her strong skill set to teach and develop students at Pillar College where she serves as a professor of English and interdisciplinary studies. In her role, Dr. Busch is responsible for teaching classes, including literature, world literature 1 and 2, fiction writing, and composition, serving as division chair of humanities and biblical studies, ensuring the quality of the curriculum and that it fits with state educational criteria, and issuing reports, and providing supervision and observation in the classroom. Dr. Busch believes she has been able to excel in the field of academia due to her good work, perseverance, and the grace of God. Excited about the possibilities of the future, she plans to be in transition, as she intends to retire in two to three years. However, she wants to remain connected to the college, and do volunteering or consulting to assist in its expansion.

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