Annette Cleveland

Annette Cleveland 1659757Title: Executive Director, Special Education and Student Support Services

Company: Magnolia School District

Location: Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA, August 21, 2014, Annette M. Cleveland, MS, Executive Director, Special Education and Student Support Services for magnolia School District, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in working with children with disabilities.

After working with children and young adults with autism in the park and a recreation program while pursuing a degree, Ms. Cleveland fell in love with the field and the students. She decided she wanted to help students as much as she could and realized the difference that can be made in the lives of all children and their families by being a teacher and having high expectations and providing great programs. Ms. Cleveland has 28 years of professional experience and has been in her current role for the past 16 years. Well versed in collaborating with parents and other agencies to provide greater services and programs for children, Ms. Cleveland is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the special education services for staff, students and parents across the district, managing the special education and various grant budgets, overseeing the McKinney-Vento program for students who are identified as homeless, and seeking contacts with nonprofits to identify grants and support for the special education and McKinney-Vento programs.

Ms. Cleveland takes great pride in her work and has been recognized for her dedication and commitment. She received the California Special Education Administrator of the Year in 2008, Region 17 Orange County Special Administrator of the Year award in 2008, and Magnolia School District Administration Employee of the Year in 2006. She attributes her success to the outstanding teams she works with, her school district and the superintendents she has worked for throughout her career. In the coming years, Ms. Cleveland would like to be an exceptional special education administrator or assistant superintendent and continue to develop outstanding programs for students in order that they become successful adults.

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Annette M. Cleveland

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