Dr. James Collins

CaptureTitle: 1) Professor, Director 2) Advisory Board Member

Company: 1) University of Minnesota 2) Zepto Life Technology

Location: White Bear Lake, MN

White Bear Lake, MN, September 22, 2014, James E. Collins, DVM, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the University of Minnesota and Advisory Board Member of Zepto Life Technology, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication achievements and leadership in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Collins has been practicing veterinary medicine for 35 years and decided to enter the education field 16 years ago. He was inspired by his brother who is also a vet and teaches at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Collins teaches veterinary pathology to veterinary and graduate students, researches, ensures oversight of the veterinary diagnostic lab and its 100 employees, and works on animal pathology and telepathology.

Dr. Collins has made many contributions to the field and is known for his knowledge of animal pathology and infectious diseases. He has been fortunate in his career to have identified a means to grow a new virus called porcine respiratory and reproductive virus and develop a vaccine for that virus; he worked with others to describe the pathology and develop diagnostic tests and vaccine in 1989 and the early 1990s that led to several patents and licenses. Dr. Collins has also published more than 100 publications and several book chapters.

Aside from his work at the university, Dr. Collins dedicates his time to Zepto Life Technology, which provides diagnostic services in human and veterinary medicine. As an advisory board member, he assists Zepto Life Technology staff with diagnostic methodology selection and development. His goal is to utilize his skills and knowledge to make Zepto Life Technology a success.

Contact Dr. James Collins 

James Collins

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