Anna Maria Alcala-Jaramillo

Title: Retired Educator

Location: Whittier, CA

Anna Maria Alcala-Jaramillo started out as a teacher in the Teacher Corps., but became a resource teacher under state and federal programs. Working with state and federal compliance, she helped schools establish insurance requirements for school-based programs. On average, she handled between eight and 10 schools. Additionally, she engaged in some grant writing and managed a summer program at the district level. Afterward, she became a reading consultant for a small district in the Valley. There, she wrote grants for Reading First and became a literacy coach. Ms. Jaramillo worked in education for a total of 36 years and gained a strong reputation in the field during that span. She was revered by her colleagues and appreciated by her students, whom she cared deeply for. Ms. Jaramillo was honored for her exceptional work, including being recognized as a bilingual resource teacher by Norwalk La Mirada School District. She attributes all the success she experienced throughout her career to the support she received from her mother.

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Anna Maria Alcala-Jaramillo

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