Catherine Bain

Title: Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher

Company: Dos Caminos School

Location: Camarillo, CA

Passionate about positively impacting children’s futures, Catherine I. Bain entered the education field in the hopes of inspiring and motivating children at a young age. As an elementary school teacher, Ms. Bain is tasked with teaching reading, writing and language arts to first graders, assessing and meeting the needs of each student individually at varying levels of English and language skills, and aligning state standards with state curriculum. She believes every child should have access to quality education and does her best to provide this type of education to her students. Ms. Bain gets great enjoyment of seeing her students comprehend the subjects she teaches and helping them during one of the most influential stages of their lives. Mr. Bain earned a master’s degree in elementary school counseling at California Lutheran University and stays active in her field through her affiliation with the American Association of University Women. She is also a member of the English language learning committee, school study team and leadership team.

Contact Catherine Bain

Catherine I. Bain

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