Anna N. Vammen

Title: English as a Second Language Teacher

Company: North Little Rock School District

Location: Bammack Village, AR

BAMMACK VILLAGE, AR, February 3, 2015, Anna N. Vammen is a trusted regional academic leader with a breadth of expertise in education. Specializing in the instruction of various languages, including Spanish, she travels to two different middle schools, and works with students on a one-on-one basis, in a classroom setting, helping to bring out the bright stars that she knows they truly are. Ms. Vammen is skilled in instructing deaf education, as well as teaching languages and English as a second language. She is also adept in instructing students with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Her favorite book is “E=mc²,” by David Bodanis. She taught at the University level for 20 years before switching to public schools. She also has taught deaf people. She possesses a unique and strong ability to teach various students with diverse backgrounds, from all over the world. Ms. Vammen believes “one has to care about what one does;” her entire purpose is to care about people, and to just keep caring and working with her colleagues.


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