Deborah K. Brightman, MS

Title: Teacher

Company: Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Location: North Dartmouth, MA

Deborah K. Brightman has 25 years of experience in teaching. She also has 25 years of professional experience as a preschool teacher and also worked as a director of a private preschool for 10 years. She currently teaches pre-kindergarten students and mentors 11th– and 12th-grade students who assist in the classroom. She is also in charge of teaching graduate student association. Moreover, Ms. Brightman feels that the most gratifying aspect of her career is that on a daily basis, the age of children she works with are able to experience and unearth new discoveries every day. When she works with her high school students there are many “ah ha” moments. Ms. Brighman has always enjoyed working with young people and helping them to learn and grow, and she looks forward to many more years of helping children to shine like the bright stars she knows they truly are.

Contact Deborah K. Brightman, MS

Deborah Brightman



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