Dr. Susan Ridgaway Stone

Title: 1) Professor of Management and Marketing 2) President, Owner

Company: 1) Shippensburg University 2) Stone Business Builders Inc.

Location: Hanover, PA

Dr. Susan Ridgaway Stone is an accomplished businesswoman with an extensive background in marketing, statistics and social psychology. She draws on her background and 30 years of industry experience to excel as a professor of management and marketing at Shippensburg University. Her primary focus is on student development, in addition to discipline knowledge, especially with regard to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, student survival, success and excellence in achieving individual goals. An expert in teaching strategic development and branding, Dr. Stone oversees higher education in the areas of global marketing, sales, introductory marketing courses and foundation marketing courses. She also teaches Internet marketing and managing hospitality courses. Dr. Stone has many published journal articles, proceedings and presentations in such areas as the Asian-Pacific view of consumer attitudes and perceptions of seals of assurance programs, teaching integration of business disciplines to freshman business majors, leveraging country-of-origin effect and global brand image, and the buying behaviors of Uyghur Muslims in China for Halal products. She also developed a first-year program for students to obtain two credits. For her exceptional work, Dr. Stone was named Marketing Professor of the Year, and earned various awards for teaching, including the Departmental Advising Award. She attributes her success to her drive, passion and determination. In the coming years, Dr. Stone intends to work with students from around the world in order to share global perspectives, and enhance professional development and mutual understanding for all involved.

Contact Dr. Susan Ridgaway Stone 

Dr. Susan Ridgaway Stone

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