Alice M. Rainey, Ph.D.

Alice Rainey 1767756Title: Career Adviser, Humanities Adjunct Professor

Company: Atlantic Cape Community College

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Dr. Alice Rainey was inspired by her personal experiences to offer a service that she lacked during her education. She did not receive any career advice from her school and thought students could greatly benefit from this type of program. Dr. Rainey has been serving in her current role for nearly 20 years and has worked with countless students who are unsure of what career path they want to take. She thoroughly enjoys the challenges involved in her work and feels privileged to be able to see disadvantaged students she worked with for two to four years move on toward a bachelor’s degree. On a daily basis, Dr. Rainey advises students on career and educational choices, gives presentations to remedial students, assists students with disabilities, and liaises between students and the disabilities counselor.  She also teaches multiple courses for various departments, including college skills, introduction to career development, and introduction arts and humanities online. Dr. Rainey earned The Extra Mile Award for her work in the field and attributes her success to the love and guidance of her mother, who was a single parent. She always stressed the importance of education. She separates herself from her peers because she has empathy and sympathy, but knows when to stand, caring, but firm.

Contact Dr. Alice Rainey

Alice M. Rainey

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