Carolyn Frazier

Carolyn FrazierTitle: Teacher

Company: Massena Central School District

Location: Massena, NY

After changing her career due to her son’s writing disability, Carolyn Frazier entered the education profession. She wanted to be able to assist students in learning and growing, and has been a teacher at Massena Central School District for 16 years. An expert in women’s history education, Ms. Frazier teaches social studies and language arts to sixth-grade students, mentors new teachers, tutors students, and builds the leadership team. Additionally, Ms. Frazier facilitates adults in the New York State and the New England region with a 14-module personal development course, an individual development course. She helped in developing the update for this course for the Business and Professional Women Foundation. As such, she is recognized as an official trainer of other facilitators nationwide. She states, “I believe in being a life-long learner. Curriculum and teaching strategies are like a circle. You can get on the cycle anywhere and eventually you will come back around to where you started with new ideas to combine with previous experiences. As long as you are open-minded to the changes, you will continue to enjoy your job.” Ms. Frazier gets great satisfaction out of seeing her students succeed and enjoy learning. One of the highlights of her career was seeing her students create a women’s history museum during March. She has also had numerous students come back to visit her after years in the work world to show their appreciation for her. They didn’t appreciate Ms. Frazier until they got out into the “real” world and realized she had prepared them for life not just to pass them on to the next grade. A certified (PreK-6) elementary education teacher, Ms. Frazier attributes her success to the support she receives from her mentors at the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. Looking toward the future, Ms. Frazier hopes to increase her students’ interaction with the aid of technology in the classroom and to create an experiential learning atmosphere called, New York State of Mind, which will be a series of field trips throughout the state.

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Carolyn Frazier

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