Deborah M. Fetzer, Ed.D.

Deborah Fetzer 1522586Title: 1) Literacy Coach and Educator 2) Clinical Coordinator of the Masters Plus Certification Program

Company: 1) Stellar Associates Tutoring Center 2) University of Delaware

Location: Wilmington, DE

Deborah M. Fetzer, Ed.D. is a dedicated and passionate educator, who lends her skills and knowledge to Stellar Associates Tutoring Center and the University of Delaware. She feels it is important to give back to the community by providing affordable assistance for improved literacy achievement for all. Dr. Fetzer has been involved in the education field for many years. She taught high school, and when she realized many of the students couldn’t read, she decided to focus on literacy. Dr. Fetzer is highly regarded for her work and was honored to serve two years as a fellow at Yale University for the National Teacher’s Institute. She excels in the area of early childhood and adolescent literacy and spends her days working with teachers on early literacy and early reading, helping them become more proficient in teaching preschool, promoting early emerging literacy skills, and overseeing the folks that want to become teachers of children with special needs. Dr. Fetzer is also the author of “STELLAR: A Job-embedded Model of Professional Development.” She attributes her success to hard work, as well as to her mom and her mom’s belief that she can do anything. Looking toward the future, Dr. Fetzer wants to see her company grow and be providing technical assistance for school-wide professional development teachers and to continue to serve the community by providing individual tutoring.

Contact Deborah M. Fetzer, Ed.D. 

Deborah M. Fetzer

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