David Cooperrider, Ph.D.

David Cooperrider 1776571Title: Fairmount Santrol David L Cooperrider Professor of Appreciative Inquiry

Company: Case Western Reserve University

Location: Cleveland, OH

David L. Cooperrider, Ph.D. was intrigued by organizational management behavior because he loved the coming together of all sciences, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and economics relating to human organizational behavior and change. Dr. Cooperrider has 30 years of professional experience and is viewed as an expert in the areas of management of change, sustainable design, and large group dynamics and the whole system. As a professor, he is responsible for teaching full time at Case Western Reserve University, and teaching at Drucker, as well as a course at the University of Pennsylvania for the master’s program in positive psychology. He also develops the syllabi and speaks all over the world on different organizational behavior subjects.  Dr. Cooperrider has been recognized for his work, being named one of the Top Ten Visionaries in the Field by Training Magazine, becoming the third Peter F. Drucker Distinguished Fellow by the Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, and earned the Award for Faculty of Impact for Sustainability at Aspen Institute, Porter Award for Best Writing in the Field of Organizational Development, and Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance Award by the American Society for Training and Development. Dr. Cooperrider attributes his success to his sense of opportunity that we are living in a time when we are able to eliminate poverty, create renewable energy in a generation, bring the tools to develop massive change opportunities, and motivate to contribute to building a sustainable and flourishing world. Looking toward the future, Dr. Cooperrider has three books in mind to complete and wants to launch an award that is more than a Nobel Prize for businesses: “Business as an Agent of World Benefit” award. This is for businesses to do what they can to eradicate poverty, create sustainable economy and eliminate war.

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David L. Cooperrider, Ph.D.

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