Marylou Gammon

Marylou GammonTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: G2 Educational Services, Inc.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ, April 19, 2011, Marylou Gammon, President and Chief Executive Officer of G2 Educational Services, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for achievements, dedication and leadership in educational consulting services.

Drawing upon more than 45 years of teaching experience, Dr. Gammon is a leading education consultant. Her consultancy, G2 Educational Services, Inc., has been providing services to schools of all levels of education for the past 15 years. With an emphasis on small, rural schools with few resources, she trains teachers and administrators on mentoring and instructional practices, which often leads to certifications. Furthermore, Dr. Gammon also fulfills certain administrative responsibilities, including teacher evaluations, instructional program oversight and policy development.

Dr. Gammon has been involved in nearly all aspects of teaching, from kindergarten through university. Shortly after earning a Bachelor of Arts in education, she taught at a Venezuelan university as a volunteer with the Peace Corps from 1966 until 1969. She enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in 1970. Following her receipt of a Ph.D. in secondary education, she developed an expertise in educational leadership as the superintendent of a small, rural school in Arizona. For her service, Dr. Gammon was recognized with a rural superintendent of the year award and an induction in the Arizona rural hall of fame.

Although the greatest challenge with education is its continuous evolution, Dr. Gammon remains at the forefront by attending conferences and subscribing to newsletters. In addition, she is professionally affiliated with ASCD, the National Staff Development Council, the International Reading Association, and the National Rural Education Council, of which she is a former president.

Dr. Marylou Gammon was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Educators in April 2011. We are proud to be featuring Dr. Gammon again in EliteAMERICAN Educators for 2015

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Marylou Gammon

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