Dr. Karen Howard

Title: Reading Interventionist

Company: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Location: Akron, OH

Dr. Karen E. Howard is an experienced educator who has dedicated more than 20 years to teaching children how to read. Dr. Howard was always eager to pursue a career where she could help students realize their talents and dreams, and has gotten great satisfaction out of seeing her own dreams fulfilled. As the reading interventionist, she provides strategies for teaching and supporting students in the literacy skills needed to learn to read, read to learn, and comprehend, and assists the principal in total school operations. Dr. Howard is a respected member of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and has received ample recognition for her dedication and commitment to the field of education. She was awarded Excellence Stroll of Honor, named Distinguished Teacher by John Marshall High School, was nominated for Teachers Merit Roll and Teachers Honor Roll at Rhodes High School, and made the Chancellor’s List. Ms. Howard attributes her success to her hard work, commitment and perseverance. Looking forward, she hopes to continue assisting students in maximizing their potential to reach academic mandates set by the local, state and federal government.

Contact Dr. Karen Howard 

Karen E. Howard

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