Ebony Manion

Ebony ManionTitle: Teacher

Company: Synergy School

Location: San Francisco, CA

Ebony M. Manion enjoyed working with children and had a desire to use her education to make a difference in the lives of others. She has been working in the education field for 16 years and has been a teacher at Synergy School for more than a decade. Ms. Manion is very giving and passionate about what she does, and is someone who puts the kids’ needs above her own. Specializing in language arts, Ms. Manion is responsible for teaching core curriculum subjects to first- and second-grade students. Prior to attaining her current role, Ms. Manion worked in various preschool and day care centers. She has also served as a reading recovery specialist, instructing students below grade-level standards. She taught fourth- and fifth-grade for five years, as well as first and second grade for 11 years. With a hardworking and driven nature, Ms. Manion has made a name for herself in the education field. She attributes her success to her passion for teaching and faith in God. Looking forward, Ms. Manion hopes to continue teaching, pursue a master’s degree in literacy, and venture into writing children’s books.

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Ebony M. Manion

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