Linda Royster Beito

Linda Beito 43453Title: Chairwoman

Company: Stillman College

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Linda Royster Beito is a published author and highly regarded educator who serves as a professor at the university level. Dr. Beito worked at The University of Alabama from 1990-95, and at the University of South Alabama Political Science and Criminal Justice before joining Stillman College’s staff. In her role, Dr. Beito teaches political science, criminal justice, black history and international relations courses. Recognized for her extensive knowledge, she also acts as an expert witness in high-profile legal cases. Dr. Beito is the author of the books: “Black Maverick: T.RM. Howard’s Fight for Liberty and Economic Power,” and “Leadership Effectiveness in Community Policing.” She has also written articles for prominent journals and publications. Dr. Beito earned a Ph.D. in political science, a Ph.D. in international relations, a Master of Science in criminal justice, and a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary criminal justice at The University of Alabama.

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Linda Royster Beito

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