Nasreen Rahim

Rahim, Nasreen 1514434Title: Faculty of Instructional Technology
and Distance Education
Company: Evergreen Valley College
Location: San Jose, California

San Jose, CA, December 22, 2015, Nasreen Rahim, Faculty of Instructional Technology and Distance Education at Evergreen Valley College, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievement and leadership in higher education.

Nasreen Rahim is an expert in instructional technology and distance education. In her position at Evergreen Valley College, she is in charge of teaching educational courses and training faculty and staff using technology and education. Ms. Rahim is also responsible for handling website enhanced courses and various systems, and doing administration and technology planning. She was recognized for her work in 2012, when she won the Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award.

Even with more than two decades of experience under her belt and a heavy workload, Ms. Rahim still finds new ways to learn. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in leadership and international education at Northcentral University. Ms. Rahim also holds a master’s degree in linguistics from San Jose State University. In five years, she sees herself in underdeveloped countries where she can use distance education.

Contact Nasreen Rahim

Rahim, Nasreen 1514434

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